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Designing Your Commercial Property's New Parking Lot

When your business is having a new facility constructed, the paving work for the parking lot is an important factor that will require large amounts of planning to be successful. Without a high level of planning, the parking lot could fall victim to several problems that could impact its durability and the experience that it provides to customers that are visiting your business.

Runoff Management

During a storm, large amounts of water will run off the parking lot. Failing to have a suitable drainage system in place can lead to major erosion along the parking lot's perimeter, and the water may wash oil and other vehicle fluids into the ground. To prevent these issues, a comprehensive drainage system should be included in the design of the parking lot. This type of system can allow the property owner to have a much greater degree of control over the way that the runoff will flow off the asphalt.

Light Placement

Depending on the size of your parking lot, you may need to have light posts installed. Without sufficient lighting, the mixture of pedestrians and cars can make the parking lot a very dangerous place. The proper placement of lighting systems can be instrumental in allowing drivers to see pedestrians that may be walking to or from their vehicles. Ideally, these lights should be installed before the paving work is done so that they can be more easily wired to the building's electrical system.

Speed Bumps

Reducing the speed of the cars that are driving through the parking lot can be necessary to minimize the potential for injuries and accidents occurring. The use of speed bumps can be the most effective solution for slowing vehicles as they drive through the parking lot. These bumps can severely damage a car that is driving too fast, and this can create a strong incentive for drivers to take them seriously. Ideally, these should be positioned close enough together to prevent drivers from being able to quickly accelerate back to dangerous speeds.

Paths For Pedestrians

Providing a path for pedestrians to use as they are walking through the parking lot can significantly reduce the risk of accidents occurring as drivers may be better able to anticipate where they may encounter these individuals. For the best results, these paths should be convenient regardless of where the driver has parking, and they should be clearly labeled so that pedestrians and other motorists will be aware of them.

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