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Installing Impact Windows: Why It's Not Just For Storm Barriers

When looking for new windows, many homeowners dismiss the potential benefits of impact windows because they aren't in a hurricane-prone environment. What you may not realize is that impact windows are beneficial for many other reasons, too. Understanding the many benefits of impact windows for your home can help you decide if they are the right investment even if you aren't concerned about severe storms. Here are some of the things that you need to know.

Improved Energy Efficiency

One of the great things about impact windows is the energy efficiency they contribute to your home. Since the glass is so thick and is designed to withstand so much direct force, it's naturally a great insulator, too. That means that an investment in impact windows is also an investment in reducing your home energy costs and maintaining a more comfortable living space. Over time, you may find that you get a return on that investment from the reduced climate control costs.

Better Sound Barrier

If you live in an area where there's a lot of traffic, activity, or general noise, you know how much of that noise often carries through your window glass and into your home. With impact windows, you'll reduce that noise transfer dramatically because the windows are thicker and provide a stronger insulating sound barrier. You won't notice nearly as much sound transfer, either from the outside in or the other way around. That means you'll be free to enjoy your living space without as much intrusion from the chaos outdoors.

Enhanced Home Security

Most people think of storm protection when they think of impact windows, but the fact is that these windows can also provide protection against petty crimes, too. Since smash-and-grab robberies and home invasions often start with a broken window to gain access, installing impact windows can drastically reduce the risk of your home being a target. With impact windows on your home, would-be thieves won't be able to just shatter a window to get in. You can sleep easier at night knowing that your home is more secure after the addition of impact windows.

These are just a few of the many reasons why people consider installing impact windows on their homes even if they don't live in an area with severe storm threats. Consider these benefits and reach out to a window glass installation contractor to learn more about impact window installation