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Septic Tank Maintenance: 3 Things You Should Do To Ensure It's Running Effectively

For many homeowners, septic tank operation isn't always a top priority until the tank has an issue. You should know that the unit is critical to your home's drainage system and ensure it always functions optimally. Proper maintenance won't just prevent you from incurring costly repairs, but it will make your home environment safe. Of course, everything that goes through your washing machine, garbage disposal, or toilet will eventually end up in your septic tank. So be careful with which items you throw in the drain. Learn more on septic tank maintenance in this guide

Call Your Company for Cleaning Regularly

Many septic cleaning companies advise you to schedule regular maintenance after three years. However, it can even be longer depending on the things that enter the tank. Call a technician for inspection if you're unsure whether or not your tank should be pumped out. Immediately after emptying your tank, the experts should check for clogs and leakage. They should also replace any deteriorating or missing baffles to ensure that scum doesn't enter the tank's outlet or inlet.

Ensure That the Drainfield Is Safe From Damage

The leach field is an essential component of your tank as it helps filter wastewater. If it doesn't function properly, the wastewater from your home may end up backing up in your drains or overflowing in the yard. One of the ways you can protect your drain field is to avoid driving over it. Your vehicle's weight compacts the soil, making it more difficult to absorb water. Also, ensure that you don't plant trees or shrubs nearby as the roots will damage the pipes.

Learn Ways To Use Water Efficiently

Conserving water is critical in ensuring that your leach field doesn't have to be overwhelmed by the excessive water from your home. There are different approaches to ensure that you minimize the excessive use of water in your home. For instance, when using the washing machine, ensure that you choose the proper load cycle as this will help conserve water. It's also advisable to spread out your usage to allow the tank to treat sewage. Also, if your toilet has a large reservoir, consider replacing it with a water-efficient one.

With proper maintenance, you should expect your septic tank to serve you for a long time. But the only way to get value for your investment is by undertaking regular septic tank pumping. This guide has shared the practices that can enhance its longevity. For more information about septic tank pumping, reach out to a local service.