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5 Reasons To Install A Stone Fireplace

If you are thinking about installing a new fireplace, look no further than stone. This material makes an attractive fireplace and it provides many other benefits. 

1. Heat Retention

Although many people love their fireplace for the ambiance it provides in a room, one shouldn't overlook the benefit it can provide via heating the home. A stone fireplace absorbs heat from the fire, which it then reflects back into the room. In fact, the stone may continue to reflect out absorbed heat for some time after the fire is put out, which can help reduce your heating costs. 

2. Fire Safety

Dancing embers are cozy inside the fireplace, but you don't want any sparks to start a fire in the home. A large stone hearth ensures that there is an attractive and effective fire-proof buffer between the firebox and the rest of the room. Stone fireplace surrounds with a contemporary design also pair very well with glass fireplace doors, which means that the danger of a wayward ember is effectively zero. Stone is also won't crack or fracture due to the heat of a roaring fire on a cold evening. 

3. Durability

Never worry about damage with a stone fireplace. Tiles and bricks can crack relatively easily, but most stones that are used for fireplace surrounds are extremely durable and resistant against chipping or cracking. You can also opt to have the stones sealed, which will make them even more damage-resistant than they would be in their natural state. Even the heat from a crackling fire won't damage a well-constructed and properly installed stone fireplace. 

4. Low Maintenance

One of the huge benefits of stone is that it requires nearly no maintenance beyond periodic dusting. The mortar between stones won't become stained as easily as the grout would on a tile fireplace, nor do you need to mop or polish stone to keep it looking nice. If the stone does become dirty, such as from soot, it can easily be pressure washed or steamed back to a pristine surface.

5. Contemporary Designs

Stone is considered timeless when it comes to interior design, yet that doesn't mean you need to go rustic. Contemporary stone designs are readily available. Look for clean, rectangular lines and smooth stone faces instead of more organic shapes and rough-hewn edges. Lighter-colored stones can brighten a room, while darker stones provide a formal yet slightly more minimalist appearance. 

Contact a stone contemporary fireplace dealer to see all of the options that are available.