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Repairing Problems Your Home's Well Pump Could Suffer From

If your home is using a water well, problems with the pump in it can be a significant issue as they can disrupt the supply of water to the home. Despite the fact that water well pumps are normally very reliable, it is still important for you to have the necessary information to be prepared for when this device experiences problems. 

Is It Normal For A Well Pump's Performance To Decrease During Periods Of Little Rainfall?

During periods of little rain or even drought, the level of the underground water source will drop. Depending on the depth of your well pump, this could substantially reduce the amount of water that it is able to extract. To minimize these performance impacts, you can have the pump drilled deeper into the soil so that it can reach more of the underground water source.

How Can A Leak In The Line From The Well System Damage The Pump?

A leak in the line that brings water to your home from the well system can actually cause extreme wear to occur to the pump. Modern well systems will have a storage tank that the pump fills. A leak in the system can allow the water level in the storage tank to repeatedly drop below the level that activates the pump to refill it. As a result, the pump will experience far more wear, which can result in it sustaining damage. If you suspect that a leak is present in your well system, it should be repaired so that the amount of damage that occurs due to overuse of the pump can be limited. As an added benefit, repairing these leaks can reduce the ability of the soil erosion to cause secondary problems for your well pump system due to the leaking water washing away supporting soil.

Are Well Pumps Always At The Surface?

There is a common misconception among some homeowners that their well pumps are always located near or at the surface. However, this may not be the case as it has become increasingly popular for individuals to use submersible pumping systems. If your home uses this type of pump and it has suffered problems, it will need to be pulled from the ground before it can be effectively repaired. These pumps may be extremely heavy, which will require specialized lifts to pull them from the ground. Once they have been removed from the ground, a full evaluation can be conducted and any needed repairs completed.

Reach out to a professional if you think you need well pump repair services.