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How To Avoid The Demand-And-Supply Trap

If you're remodeling a house that's going to have many occupants, like a big family or several roommates, take this opportunity to change part of the plumbing to reduce that "demand and supply" issue that people face when everyone is trying to use the water at the same time. You know the problem; when everyone is getting ready in the morning and showering, flushing toilets, and running sinks simultaneously, the water pressure drops a lot. That's because there's too much demand and not enough supply. It's not a water shortage, just people drawing on the incoming water when only so much water is coming into the home. When you remodel, three changes can help end this trap.

Install Extra Tankless Heaters and Piping

Find the big water users and have plumbers install extra tankless water heaters for those users. For example, if there's one bathroom for the whole house, that could do with its own tankless heater while the kitchen, outdoor faucet, and washer all stay on the main water heater line. Or, a big appliance like a dishwasher or clothes washer could get its own water heater. If your main problem is the hot water disappearing quickly, extra tankless heaters is a great solution.

Ensure Water Pipes Are Not Near Tree Roots

Have the plumbers look around your yard for signs of small leaks caused by tree roots wedging their way into cracks in the water pipes. If they can, have them trace the pipes to ensure that even if they aren't leaking, they're well away from trees with potentially invasive roots. This is the time to move those pipes if needed (or call a landscaper and have the roots and trees treated, if that's the easier route). You don't want water leaks and sewer backups in your newly remodeled home.

Check the Main Water Line and Replace if Necessary

Main water lines in older neighborhoods can often be in dire need of help. While the mains can last for a long time, a lot of them are reaching the end of their life spans. Have the plumbers check the water main to ensure it's working fine and in good shape; otherwise, have them repair it, or replace it if necessary. Water main replacement can be pricey, so discuss alternatives with the plumbers if the main is old but still going. If the main absolutely needs to be replaced, the plumbers may have a payment plan you can follow.

The plumbers you hire for a remodel may need to work at various times on the home, depending on what you're having changed. Contact someone like Countryside for services in your area.