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Planning Your Landscape? 4 Design Elements You Shouldn't Overlook

If you've recently finished construction on your new home, and it's time for the landscaping, start with the design. When you take the time to actually design your landscaping, you end up with a much better outcome. Most people start with the basic elements of landscape design, which are line, form, texture, color, and scale. There are four other elements that need to be incorporated into the design as well. Those are privacy, lighting, irrigation, and drainage. 


Now that you're going to design the landscape for your new home, you can't forget about privacy. You're going to be spending a lot of time in your yard. The last thing you want is for your activities to be visible to every passerby. Luckily, there are several ways to increase privacy in your new yard. First, you can begin with the right fencing. Vinyl fencing is the best material to choose where privacy is concerned. However, you can go beyond fencing by adding shrubbery, vines, and trees to your landscape design. 


If you're in the process of designing the landscape for your home, be sure to add plenty of lighting. Outdoor lighting is an important design element for your home. First, outdoor lighting improves home security. Second, outdoor lighting extends your evening activities. Finally, outdoor lighting reduces the risk of trip and fall accidents. When talking to your landscape design team, be sure to discuss the benefits of outdoor lighting. 


Don't forget to include a well-designed irrigation system. One of the problems with landscape designs is that they often fall short on irrigation. Unfortunately, that leaves some areas of the yard without adequate water. The last thing you want is to have parts of your yard languish from lack of water, which is why you need to add proper irrigation to your landscape designs. 


If you're working with a landscape design team for your new yard, be sure to include a drainage system in your discussions. Proper drainage is an effective way to reduce soil erosion, prevent flood damage, and put runoff to good use in other areas of the yard. French drains are especially beneficial where landscape designs are concerned. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to design the perfect landscape for your new home. Use the tips provided here to include the elements that should be included in your design plans. 

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