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Why Round Handrails Are The Best Option For Your Outdoor Decking

Decks are a great place to enjoy company and take in the smell and feel of nature, but to do that, you want to have the best possible environment in which to enjoy it. A good deck isn't just about having the proper timber floorboards and support beams, it is also about the little touches. These small, almost insignificant in their own right, parts of your deck come together to create a whole bigger than the sum of its parts. Nowhere is that more obvious than with the handrail. If you are considering adding a handrail to your deck, here is why it should be round.

Less Chance Of Splinters

Round handrails are shaped and treated a lot more than alternatives with straighter lines and corners simply because they have to be to achieve that look. This extra treatment and smooth surfaces all around mean that the chances of the wood decaying and then splintering off are very low. Because square and rectangular railings have less attention paid to them during their creation (it only takes a few cuts to achieve this shape from raw timber) they will generally display signs of splintering much earlier on than their round counterparts.

Helpful For Those Who Actually Need It

Most of the time, a handrail on your decking is there just to lean on or act as a precaution so you can easily balance on your own without the help of a support beam. However, when older relatives or friends come over to visit, they might need this additional support and will grip onto the handrail quite tightly. Round handrails are the perfect shape for the hand and do not have any edges or sides that can make it difficult to grip. They are easy to use and very helpful when they need to be because of their ergonomic design.

Less Ugly Joinery

Round handrails look almost as though they were entirely cut from one single length of wood because of how expertly the joints and connections are hidden. When it comes to timber handrails with a more rigid, square design, the joints are often less hidden, and not as much care is taken to make them look good. They are the more utilitarian, budget-friendly option, while a round handrail might cost more, but looks far better when it is finished and installed. If you want the best deck you can possibly get then a little bit of extra cash seems like a fair price for this upgrade in quality. 

For more information about installing a round handrail, contact a local service near you.