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Upgraded Features For A Garage Door Opener

Older garage door openers do not possess the same features or accessories that come with modern equipment. An opener from a couple decades ago may utilize a chain system or lack the reliability that you expect when you need to access your garage door. Learn about some of the features that new equipment possesses.

A Battery Backup System

An older opener may not be compatible with a battery backup system. Many newer models support the use of a battery. In the event of a power outage, the battery will power up the equipment needed to open and close the door. This will prevent needing to lift or lower a heavy door panel by hand. A garage service technician or contractor will need to assess the opener that is currently connected and remove it from its location.

You will be advised to buy an updated opener that will support the use of a backup system. A backup system will require that one end of a cable is connected to the battery and the other end is connected to the opener. There are several mounting options that you can choose for the battery equipment. 

Less Noise And Less Hardware

A smaller, streamlined opener will not be as likely to require the use of a chain drive. If you notice a chain apparatus secured next to the garage opener motor, you own a piece of equipment that could potentially be loud while it is actively engaged.

Metal components that make up a chain drive must be lubricated to prevent corrosion and squeaking while the metal chains are engaged. A screw drive and belt drive opener will be less noisy than your current setup and will not require the same level of care. 

More Security And An Additional Way To Gain Access

Your garage door opener allows you to close your garage door, but the handheld device that is used to operate the opener may not be as secure as you think. Older openers use a fixed code to open and close the door. A hacker could potentially determine what this code is and would have immediate access to the door.

A new garage door opener uses an infinite amount of codes. The code changes each time that you use the opener, preventing anyone from being able to hack the system. A remote keypad that is compatible with a new opener will allow you to input a code to gain access. The keypad can be secured along the front of your garage, right next to the door. An electric contractor or a technician can be hired to connect the wiring that is needed to operate a keypad.

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