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How Masonry Can Add To Your Yard

There are a lot of ways you can use masonry around your yard to enhance its appearance, as well as to add some nice functionality. You can learn some ideas on ways of incorporating masonry around your property by reviewing the tips and ideas provided here: 

Add a nice feature to your pool

One great use for masonry is to add something like a stone or brick flower bed with several levels to an end of the swimming pool. Or, masonry can also be used to create a spectacular waterfall feature that looks great, and the water can even fall into the swimming pool. One of the great things about features like these is they can be used to help make the swimming pool feel like it is more a part of the nature in the yard, by helping to connect them into the rest of the landscaping. 

Have a great fire pit built

Masonry can be used to create a great fire pit in your yard. There are a lot of options when it comes to things like how you want the fire pit to look, what size you want it to be, and how big of a role you want it to play in your landscape. For example, you can have a small but functional brick fire pit built on the side of your yard your family can enjoy on nice nights. Or, you can have an elaborate stone fire pit built that's in the middle of your yard and even has comfortable stone benches built around it. This can make for a nice focal point in your backyard that looks great even when it isn't in use. 

Have a nice wall put around your patio

Right now, your patio may be little more than a slab of concrete in the backyard with a covering over it. However, you can create a nice-looking patio by having a stone or brick wall built around the border of the patio that's short and decorative. The wall can also add to the patio in other ways. It can provide some extra seating when the patio is getting crowded, and it can give you more places to set some decorative items.

Transform your mailbox

If you are tired of looking at your mailbox that consists of the mailbox and a basic post, then you can have your mailbox encased in a nice-looking stone or brick encasement. This looks great and helps make your mailbox less susceptible to damage.