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Vinyl Siding: Styles And Benefits It Offers You

If you are looking for the right siding for your home, think about vinyl siding. Not only does it come in many styles, it also offers a lot of advantages. This guide on vinyl siding will introduce you to some of the styles that are available and some advantages it can bring with it that will be beneficial for your home. 

Some styles of vinyl siding

The different styles of vinyl siding help to make it a good option for owners of many types of homes. Some different styles include clapboard, beaded, Dutch lap, vertical, board and batten, shingle, shake, and even log styled siding. Vinyl siding comes in a lot of different colors and shades as well, so it will work with most homes' color palettes. 

Advantages of having vinyl siding installed

Low-maintenance and easy to keep clean - When your vinyl siding starts to look a bit dusty, taking your hose to it may be all that's needed to get it looking clean. If there are some dirty areas on it from things like the dog jumping up on it, bikes being leaned up against it, or anything else, then you can wash the areas with a sponge, liquid soap, and warm water. For a thorough periodic cleaning to make it look near-new, you can have someone power wash it as needed. 

Scratch and chip-free - Most types of home siding need to be painted because the siding will start to have areas where the paint is damaged, is chipping, is flaking off, or shows other damages. Vinyl doesn't have this problem. Since the color you see on the outside is the same on the underside and all the way through, the siding can take many types of wear and damages in stride, the solid coloring camouflaging those issues. So, if you are looking for a way to get a siding that you won't have to worry about painting, then you could have found it in vinyl. 

Affordable in many ways - One of the first things that can draw some to vinyl is that it is a type of home siding they can have installed for much less than many other types. However, the money you can save with vinyl goes well beyond the initial savings. The fact that it will last many years without needing the maintenance of other types of siding means more savings in the future. 

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