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Benefits Of Natural Wood Flooring Over Engineered Wood

For a homeowner that has decided on wood flooring, it will be necessary to consider whether to invest in natural or engineered wood. Before you can make this decision, you may want to know some of the advantages that natural hardwood flooring will be able to offer you.

Better Durability

Engineered wood flooring will look very similar to natural wood flooring, but it will typically be far less durable. This is due to the fact that engineered wood flooring is essentially a thin layer of hardwood that is attached to a lower-quality wood. In contrast, natural hardwood flooring will be a single piece, which means that you can avoid the potential issue of the surface layer of the flooring detaching. Moisture can be a major contributing factor in the adhesive degrading, which can make engineered flooring especially susceptible to moisture damage.

Richer Aesthetics

Natural hardwood can tend to have a much richer appearance. This can involve a wider range of colors as well as fine grains. These variations can provide homeowners with a chance to choose the perfect flooring option for their preferences. To give you a better idea as to how these options will look in your home, it is possible to request samples that will allow you to see exactly how the color and texture of the hardwood options will look once they are installed on your floors.

Can Be Refinished

Over time, your home's interior flooring will take substantial wear. While wood can be a durable option, it will suffer damage that will have to be corrected. For staining and surface damage, the option of refinishing the floors can be an effective way of realizing the appearance of the flooring. Solid hardwood floors can be easily refinished so that they can be restored to their original appearance. However, engineered flooring may not always be able to be refinished due to the surface layer being too thin to accommodate having much of it removed. Rather, you may be more likely to have to completely replace the damaged panels of the engineered flooring.

Wood flooring can add rich aesthetics to your home's interior while still being a durable option. However, there are differences between engineered and natural wood flooring that you will have to consider. While engineered hardwood flooring can be more affordable, it will typically be less durable, will offer more limited aesthetics, and will lack the ability to be refinished. These limitations may make it a poor option for your particular flooring needs.

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