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3 Major Boiler Repair Issues You Should Know

Your boiler plays an important role in keeping your home warm during inclement weather. That's why you should spare no expense in keeping your equipment in top condition. If you can't remember the last time you contacted your technician for a boiler inspection, your equipment probably has lurking boiler repair issues that need a professional's attention. This article will highlight three major types of boiler repairs you should know about.


Kettling is a common repair issue experienced by boiler owners that is caused by hard water. If the municipal water in your hometown has a high concentration of calcium or magnesium, you're bound to experience this repair issue at some points.

In this situation, the hard water minerals slowly get deposited in your equipment's heat exchanger, eventually causing water to be trapped inside the compartment. This stops water flow and due to the heat in the boiler, the trapped water gets converted into steam under high pressure. You'll then begin to hear a kettling noise emanating from your boiler when the equipment is running.

This repair issue needs to be treated as an emergency because if the problem remains unaddressed, the heat exchanger will sustain permanent damage. Contact a reliable technician with your observation and have them remove the mineral deposits that have accumulated in your equipment.

Sealing Leaks

When a boiler sustains sealing leaks, the main culprits are usually damaged temperature and pressure valves or incorrect pipe connections. And if you notice a sealing leak, you should immediately contact a heating technician.

The first thing your boiler repair technician will do when they arrive at your home is shut off the water and gas supply. This way, they can have an easy time getting to the root of the problem without causing further equipment damage or risking propane gas inhalation in your household. While this boiler gas isn't toxic, it's an asphyxiating gas that can displace oxygen in your lungs, compromising your respiratory function.

Your technician will take their time to arrive at an accurate diagnosis which will enable them to offer a permanent solution to the issue.

No Heat

No heat is perhaps the most frustrating boiler repair issue, and you'll especially feel the pinch if the problem arises in the dead of winter. Thankfully, you can always contact your boiler repair technician with your issues and get a quick and effective fix.

And since there is no telling why your boiler is not heating, be sure to wait for the technician to arrive on-site instead of attempting a DIY fix. The professional will come to your home with all the right tools to solve whichever problem your equipment might have.

Now that you know more about boiler upkeep, be sure to contact your boiler repair technician when you notice any of these repair issues.