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Assessments To Make When Choosing Replacement Impact-Resistant Windows

If you have old impact-resistant windows on your property, there might be major structural problems with them that require a replacement. As long as you assess a couple of things, this replacement will be quick and easy.


Before you start looking at new impact-resistant windows and cover different features that are available today, be smart about looking at the dimensions. In order for the new windows to fit how they're supposed to, you need to get the exact same size as the current impact-resistant windows.

A simple measurement will show you what dimensions to keep in mind when making this replacement. As long as you plan on using the same framing materials, you can order the same size and have a smooth installation. Whereas, if you're making frame adjustments, you need to account for any dimensional changes. That might be smaller windows or larger, depending on the customizations you make.

Polymer Strength

The magic ingredient for impact-resistant windows is the polymer that's placed between the multiple panes of glass. You want to assess this quality to get windows that are truly impact-resistant and thus better capable of holding up in extreme conditions.

Talk to an impact-resistant window manufacturer when looking at replacement options to see what polymers they use to keep glass panes together. How strong is it, and how long can it retain its strength over the years? If the manufacturer has performed practical tests with their polymers, they'll know these answers and provide clarity to your window replacement search.

Overall Safety

When objects and debris are able to fly towards your impact-resistant windows, you want their durable nature coming into play and keeping the glass from shattering. That will determine just how safe these windows are, and this is a factor to heavily consider when searching for replacement windows.

Again, make sure the manufacturer you're buying from has performed relevant safety evaluations on their impact-resistant windows. Then you'll have proof the windows don't shatter and thus are safer to have on your property during storms than, say, standard window materials.

In order to make a sound replacement when searching for impact-resistant windows, you need to verify a couple of things before purchasing and having these windows set up. Things like durability, safety, and size can make all the difference in the world in having impact-resistant windows that work as they need to during strong and severe storms. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for impact window replacement services near you.